About Us

Are you looking for digital solutions? Do you need a better websiteSEO management or a digital solutions for your business? Would you like a new logo, an ingenious brand strategy or more security for your online presence? Are you having the idea to make the most of your opportunities in the digital market and need a partner who can support you? Then you are in the right page! Our promise to you is to fully support you and turn your ideas to attract more actions from your customers. We will find the best solution for your goals and implement them together.

What ideattracta stands for

We are a team of young, motivated and creative minds who eagerly turn ideas to be more attracting and having a result of more than a conversion.

What our team members have in common: They are experts in their field, they love what they do and they love to empathize with our customers and to work out the best solution.

However, when it comes to solving problems and delving into topics, our approaches are very different. And that’s exactly what makes the perfect mix. The interplay of our diverse skills and experiences creates creativity.

Only then is it possible for our customers to create perfect, state-of-the-art design solutions . This is how we provide our customers with the decisive competitive advantage.

How we support you as a digital activation agency

Do you need support for your new website, your online shop or your existing online presence? As a partner, we are happy to find the best solution for your digital project! Your wishes, goals and challenges are our priority. We listen to you, advise you in detail based on our experience and work out the path to your digital success together. You provide the framework, we will show you the result! Our solutions are as diverse as your topics: digital strategy , launching a website , creating an online shop, SEO, SEM , technical support and much more. According to your ideas!

Remembering how agile and flexible the working environment can be nowadays, it is impossible to conquer digital marketing without using any tools. We are using the world’s best tools and frameworks that we picked carefully to help us deliver the perfect outcome for you.

Are you ready for digital breakthrough?