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Perfect Set-up

One thing is certain: an online shop today is much more than just a website where you can also shop. There is much more to a successful online shop that is valued and frequented by customers. For example, a distinctive design that is easily recognized. That ties in with the brand identity and blends in with the corporate design .

The technical framework must also be perfectly coordinated. This includes very good user guidance in the online shop so that the visitor can find his way around. In addition, a helpful and pleasant search function with filter functions to quickly find the desired product. A very important factor is also a short loading time. The faster the visitor gets their search results, the more likely they are to buy: “An improvement in loading speed from eight to two seconds improves the conversion rate by up to 74 percent,” says a data collection from 33 large online retailers. Also excellent usability on mobile devicesis a matter of course for successful online shops, as is a good checkout with easy payment from a selection of the most important payment providers. And professional communication after the purchase with a shipping confirmation or satisfaction check.

Successful Online Shop

Is it all feasible from the start? Of course, your online shop doesn’t have to meet all of “perfect” requirements right from the start. It is also possible to start as a smaller solution with the most important points and then grow over time. Good shops are constantly developing anyway, increasing their visitor numbers and sales step by step. We turn your online shop into an excellent seller who works for you day and night!

What do you need to have a really successful online shop and not just an average one? There are still a few special features that together form an ideal all-round package: Your shop must be easy to find on search engines like Google. To increase awareness, you need supportive online marketing measures such as Google Ads .

And promotion via social media is also essential, meaningful and has an impact. If you want to cut a good figure in the competition in the long run, ongoing improvements to your online shop will also be necessary.

Good Online Shop Should Have

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